PLACE Play :
The digital signage software for retail industry

Discover our innovative solution that unleashes the potential of your video marketing campaigns. Easily manage your strategies remotely, centralize essential data and deploy all over the world from a single platform. Simplify your process, maximize efficiency and engage your audience with our unrivalled video campaign management software.

1. Configure your points of sale and displays

Collect all the technical details (ratio, video encoding, equipment set up…) for all your stores and their digital displays.

2. Create your media library

Add your video campaign and create video adaptation ready to play on any type of display.

3. Schedule your video publications

Facilitate seamless video campaign with integrated planning and real-time updates no matter the display configuration.

An integrated studio to cover all your video needs

To help you design or adapt your promotional content, Place is directly linked to our studio. Our teams of graphic artists, motion designers, editors etc. are at your disposal for any unforseen video adaptations you may need. Submit your order on PLACE and receive your content, all within the same platform.

Discover some of the software features


Screen Management

Manage any type of POS Dynamic Display such as LCD, ScreenWall, LEDWall…


Films Library

Create your own video library with all of your films and adaptations.


Films Adaptations

Need a special format? Simply create an order on the platform and receive your new film.


Content Planning

Schedule your videos with a timeline for each screens.


Audiovisual Equipment Database

Your equipment details securely stored and always at hand.


POS View

Visualize your store and integrated screens with a single view or a virtual tour.


Fleet mode

Manage hundreds of identical screens at once for easy campaign scheduling.



Create a dedicated environment for your teams or brands.



Connect PLACE Play to any of your existing tools to extend the possibilities.

official partner of

BrightSign is a technology company specializing in digital signage and interactive display solutions. They offer high-end media players that enable the delivery of digital content in a variety of environments, such as retail, public spaces, museums and corporate environments. BrightSign products are recognized for their reliability, advanced performance and ability to create captivating visual experiences.

For responsible energy management

PLACE Play offers an impactful energy-saving solution by granting users control over the on/off parameters of their digital players. 
This feature enables the player to cease sending images to the monitor, prompting the monitor to automatically switch off when not in use. 
The result is a significant reduction in energy consumption, as screens remain active only when necessary. 
This not only contributes to cost savings but also aligns with environmental sustainability efforts by reducing the carbon footprint. 
It’s a proactive approach to energy management that not only benefits the bottom line but also promotes eco-friendly practices, making our software a valuable asset for businesses seeking to reduce energy waste.

and many more

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